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You know that it has the most modern mechanism available and utilizes all of the modern production techniques. The Bundy and Vito both have key structures which are similar to prefessional horns (although because of this, they tend to have key problems after being played by less than careful students) and have a solid reputation as good instruments. You will get very good at telling people what to look for on the horn itself. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. Older (vintage) saxophones usually have a great deal more engraving and frills than any other kind of horn. Pros of buying a new saxophone: A new sax has special appeal. If you see lots of solder globs on the horn, consider it a warning sign. The bari had been mistreated badly while in the thief's possession. (For more information, see section 9, "Purchasing a horn on-line".). As with all other sites and sellers, ask the questions beforehand, and get as much information as possible. Features an active saxophone forum, buy sell trade your sax, saxophone museum, sax teachers and more. The only problem with the paper is that it can be a very fickle place to search. This scenario is very common in rent-to-own situations. I can get less squeeks from a popsicle stick.They do not work for me at all. When you look at the tone holes, make sure there are no pads actually touching the body of the horn, especially on the palm keys. Once the metal is gone, you can't go back. If the horn is dented or damaged, pads may not seat correctly or unusual tonal anomilies can occur. A good sound comes from within. With mass production, the artistic nature of producing a musical instrument is often lost. We will go into greater detail about these items as the section progresses so you can try and determine if the horn's current owner is telling ou the straight story on the saxophone in fro, nt of you. Old lacquer develops a dark hue and inevitably wears down in places where it is in contact with skin, clothing and the case. These horns are manufactured in Taiwan, and are hand assembled. These were included with the equally disappointing instruments imported by a former employer. Specialized single-store retailers offer the most comprehensive selection of inventory and expertise. In mid-song, I once saw the featured Bari player change reeds. Even professional saxophonists must deal with this problem on a daily basis. Seller: Why yes...  there are flowers all around the name, and they go down to the middle of the bell. The Series II is a much better horn, and the Series III is a good horn as well. Sometimes a careless player will pull down on the neck while it is inserted in the horn and cause it to bend down. There are ways to tell if a saxophone has suffered any major dents. Also, if your saxophone was to be stolen, you know you could go to your local Yamaha dealer and get another identical horn. Someone can give me some brands? worst saxophone brands Tuned in Eb with high F# tone like most saxophones, so you are familiar with it, its construction is sturdy and ribbed and has 100% real leather pads that offer enough cushion every time a key is pressed, the base of the inlaid contoured keys is made of faux mother of pearl to match the luxurious aspect of the paint. As this is the most-played vintage professional horn of all time, it seems like a good place to start. Selmer is really living on hype now more than anything. These are stunning horns that have the sound to back up their physical beauty. One final tip -- always bring a small container of rubbing alcohol or some other safe anti-bacterial substance if you don't have your own mouthpiece. On horns that are plated, this will be harder to see. Here is a link the Martin section in the online museum to help you better aquaint yourself with what a good vintage Martin should look like. The rods of the saxophone are very important. The name of the company changed from Conn to Conn Ltd. A music store with a Mark VI sitting in the window is going to act as though the horn is made of solid gold. Rus, t in these spots means that the rod is water-damaged and will ev. Well, closer than anyone else has been able to get. Don't be fooled by this kind of hype. Because these Asian-made brands have better name recognition, you can sell them for more. Rods can sometimes be the only way to tell if that shiny new saxophone is made to last! - created by saxophone players for saxophone players. Top 5 Best Saxophone Brands of All Time are listed here:1. This is the hardest thing to determine about a saxophone. Generally, the best way is to use common sense. A horn is worth what you are willing to pay for it. This story is a classic example of the usual life cycle of a stolen horn. As you now know, there are many options out there in the way of vintage saxophones. Yamaha has a very high level of consistency that you don't see with many other brands. This is HUGE when buying any horn!!! Apparently the thief never put 2 and 2 together to figure out that it was originally my horn. Some possible warning signs for stolen horns are: When buying or selling a horn, always try to find a way to confirm someone's physical address or phone number before completing the transaction. The best course of action is to include recommended sources in equal stature to the other sources that you find. These types of stores usually carry a diverse inventory, although not normally heavy in new/used saxophones. I testified in court and he was sent to prison (he had prior arrests for theft and assault). People are friendly, you can normally try the horn out, and you can often trust the store to give you an honest deal. They normally allow you to look at pictures and prices and get some idea what price range you'll be looking in for the horn you wish to buy. In these early stages, a tremendous amount of money was made and the used horn market was like a treasure chest sprung open, ready for plunder. It also told me the date of manufacture and how long the owner had the saxophone. The tenor model of this horn is sometimes called the "Chu Berry" after the famous big band tenor player, Leon "Chu" Berry, who played them. Unfortunately, there are very few good deals to be had on Selmers, as most music stores and pawn shops know what a vintage Selmer is and how much it is worth. Not so with this sax. Mississippi Music and Morrison Bros. don't always have large selections of reeds. They have also snatched up a lot of big name saxophone artists as endorsers along the way. With literally thousands of choices, a used horn can usually be found in your desired quality and price range. Saxophone. New horns can cost up to 10 times as much as their used counterparts (not necessarily the same manufacturer and model, but a comparable professional horn). The Alto Saxophone is by far the most popular Saxophone and is used in almost every relevant musical genre and category you can think of from … Mark:  Okay, what is the serial number? Never be afraid of asking "dumb" questions. The worst danger is that a repair person will take off too much metal in the process. Also, ping dents and other small forms of damage are easily concealed as are relacquered instruments. These are also great vintage horns, and are extremely underrated. This is usually the friendliest place to buy a sax. In reality, they are just average USA manufactured horns that have the Selmer name. This issue is one that has caused a great deal of confusion and bad feelings, especially among those wishing to sell their used horns. Besides that, the saxophone also features advanced leather pads that provide enhanced elasticity, not to mention the high airtightness for a well-controlled tone. Here are the questions you should have answered so far: Some of these questions, especially the question of new or used, will require more information to make an informed choice. If the horn has no country of manufacture, be very wary. I am tired of wasting money on at least 60 percent bad reeds in a box, I want to switch to alexander,but havent quite killed the box I am on now. You generally don't see as many of them as the other three big brands, but they definitely hold their own. They bought several of the best vintage horns, and modern horns out there, studied them, and worked to develop a great horn that players would enjoy. For someone who wants to spend a long time with one horn and has a couple thousand dollars to spend, the choice and search become more difficult. Bueschers offer a more delicate and refined touch. The Cleveland models(Cleveland is stamped on the bell, and that is the city they were manufactured in) are considered by many to be the best vintage Super 20s. Some horns, are just not worth what people ask for them. Very old (and some new) saxophones were plated in silver, gold or nickel to protect the brass. Case in point, I once called on a Conn alto listed for $1000. Silver plating is easy. They normally allow you to look at pictures and prices and get some idea what price range you'll be looking in for the horn you wish to buy. They were sort of OK on alto but unusable on tenor. Mark VIs come with a lot of hype, and they can live up to it, but you should definitely try to play several of them before you buy. Another problem found on many horns is a lack of consistency in quality from the manufacturer. If the person can't answer any of these questions and acts nervous, the horn may be stolen, in which case you can ask for the serial number and call the police to have them check it out. Selmer is one of the most popular brands that make all kinds of saxophones because of the incredible quality, professional features, and superior sound. If you buy a cheap instrument, make sure that you test play it so that everything is working and look closely so that it’s whole and well-made. A Brief History Of The Saxophone. One note of caution: if the owner says "this horn belonged to...", be skeptical, unless the owner has positive proof. : I bought it in high school in 1972 and it has been sitting in the case since then. Yamaha2. Just this work alone is $250, but they include it with the sale of every brand new horn. Were it not for the Internet, it is quite likely that Selmer saxes would be selling for $5000 a piece no matter what their condition or quality, although there would still be regional inequalities hiding in the Heartland. The newest horns on the market are all strong competitors and deserve to be tried on their own merits. Tips For Buying a Saxophone in 2021 – Play It Safe With These Top Brands Reading Music in Compound Time – 6/8, 12/8 Saxophone Ear Training using the Pentatonic Major Scale Mail order from online sites is the method in which most horns are sold on a national level. The web sites of these businesses are good places to go for the research phase of your purchase. Vandorens Hemke's Rico they all work good if you can find a good one in the box! If you have a saxophone-playing friend along, make them test every note against a tuner, and play loud and soft. I can get less squeeks from a popsicle stick.They do not work for me at all. I would go into getting a new saxophone expecting to pay in around $1,500-$3,000 for a new, student line instrument. Seller: I bought it in high school in 1972 and it has been sitting in the case since then. Sometimes the quality is a bit better in these than the worst student saxophones out there. I have seen some great horns at small shops destroyed by inexperienced repair technicians. Maybe one day I'll get the hang of all this. If you're a beginner, I'd say go with one of the standard brands, like Yamaha, Unison, or Jupiter. In the following paragraphs, a brief description of some common and great brands of saxophones has been put forth. People also became more accustomed to the idea of the Internet as a source of research material on almost any subject. YanagisawaYanagisawa saxophones are very strong horns as well. I also test close multiphonics to see how the acoustics of the horn react. This is especially true in vintage horns that fetch high prices on the national market and low prices in local markets. Has the horn ever been seriously damaged? These dealers typically relied on the premise that vintage horns were incredibly scarce and extremely valuable, a premise that the Internet has radically dissolved. There are still plenty of vintage Selmers out there, but the price tag has grown recently. Copyright 1994 - 2021. Yamaha These are the most popular saxophones on the market. A classic example of this is the Couf. : It has gold-colored rods. Companies which used to put a lot of time and effort toward craftsmanship have abandoned this approach for the sake of quantity. That being said, if you are looking at something that isn't listed, This section could easily be an entire novel. Also, since gold plating cannot be directly applied to brass, there must be a layer of silver plate under the gold plate for the gold to "stick" to. Cons of buying a new saxophone: Buying a new saxophone can be very expensive. They all make good, long lasting, great sounding horns. In most cases, truly fam, ous players' horns either wind up staying in the family or going to a close friend or musical associate. If there is a specific reason for some anomaly, perhaps they can explain it. The Buescher professional model of the 40's (the Aristocrat) is an incredibly well-designed and well-produced horn. That 1930 Conn alto was probably part of some swinging big band sax section back in the 40's. I also test, When you decide that you want to go through with purchasing a saxophone, it is time to determine what your needs are. Brown plastic resonators are also commonly used, and are a good substitute for metal resonators. Shop around for prices, and consider buying used. I can't emphasize enough how traumatic it is when your instrument is stolen. There are dealers out there who make a regular point of cheating customers. Most people consider Selmer to be of the highest quality. Also, there are only a few models which were actually gold plated. The soprano saxophone is a B flat instrument that is curved or straight in shape. A used saxophone is the most cost-effective option. Other sellers include hobbyists, private party sellers and antique stores. For players, when you go to try a horn always pack the following essential items: For non-players, you should try and examine the horn as closely as possible. Instead, we will share our subjective experience with Conns and describe their characteristics.Vintage Conns can be broken up into several models, although many do not explicitly state the model on the sax itself. Meanwhile there would be a player somewhere really distraught over the ordeal. A lot of pull-downs can be fixed, but if the neck has had previous repair it should figure into the cost of the horn. This is mainly because of the number of sax brands on the market producing very similar models, meaning it can be hard to find stand out products. Collectibility has really made it hard to purchase some horns as a player. This is mainly because of the number of sax brands on the market producing very similar models, meaning it can be hard to find stand out products. These materials do not just enhance its look, but also account for its strength and durability. Now days, most pawn shop owners are fairly well educated as to the high dollar saxophone brands. These horns were manufactured by Julius Keilwerth for Herb Couf and are some of the finest instruments ever made. You may like something completely different and unique. He was asking $100, and I made a counter offer of $50 which he accepted. When it gets down to it, it is not the saxophone making the music, it is you! Then, when the saxophone is being built by Eastern Horn Co., the saxophone is then engraved “Music Business People Ltd.” (called “stenciling”), which in this case happens to be a well-known brand. P Mauriat is a relatively newer saxophone brand that really took off around 2008. Overall, it’s a much better experience to buy a good saxophone from a well-renowned brand. If the horn shows some of these signs, it may not be original. Also, have the person or store send you detailed photos of the saxophone first, either through the mail or e-mail. Check the feedback rating of the seller to see if it is positive. Come join the discussion about collections, care, displays, models, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! As with any horn, a bad restoration on a vintage Selmer can ruin the instrument. "We'd all play like Stan (Getz) if we could" - John Coltrane, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Any reputable repair shop will gladly inspect a third party used instrument for a small fee (usually in the $25 range). The saxophone is comprised of two major parts: the neck and the body. 1. The Buescher professional model of the 40's (the Aristocrat) is an incredibly well-designed and well-produced horn. Seller: It has gold-colored rods. We have played Reference models that were just as good as some of the best Mark VIs, but we've also played some that were just okay, and if you are going to spend that much bread on a new Selmer it should be one of the great ones. Yanigasawa's top professional model horn is the 991 model. These dealers typically relied on the premise that vintage horns were incredibly scarce and extremely valuable, a premise that the Internet has radically dissolved. The felts will not get easily flattened and the pads are less vulnerable to dust and humidity. If you've been playing for a while, I'd say look to those brands to find a step-up or intermediate model. Within this category, there are three different types of businesses: non-specialized single-store retailers, specialized single-store retailers and non-specialized multi-store retailers. There are lots of other players and collectors watching that paper besides you. Often younger students have just decided that they want to play the saxophone, and parents are left not knowing much, if anything, about what they need. The consistancy level is very high horn to horn with Keilwerth, but there are small differences in timbre, and you might find one horn that just feels a little better than another. These stores tend to have a good connection to the community as well as a good in-flow of used instruments. Today's market is full of many manufacturers who claim to offer cheap "professional" model horns. For younger or beginning students, that can be a big deal. The M series was then relegated to student and intermediate model status until the series faded into oblivion. The rolled tone hole models, 67R for Altos and 66R for tenors, have a huge, robust sound that comes pretty close to a vintage Conn sound. Do you know any specific information such as manufacture date? It's located under the hook-shaped piece of metal located on the back side of the horn towards the bottom. For pretty much the entire "modern" era of saxophone making there have been four brands (often referred to as the big 4) that have been considered to consistently make high quality horns by most in the saxophone community. Repairs are usually done by someone in-house who may or may not have a thorough understanding of saxophones. Mark:  Okay, is it gold all over, or does it have silver rods? There is always someone coming out with a new saxophone, and needless to say we haven't been able to try everythig. As part of this project, we must state that the information here is presented only as a representation of our personal experiences and opinions. This is tough for us because we are very loyal Selmer enthusiasts. In this section we will go over some of the pros and cons of each decision to help you decide which choice is best for you. There are a few other newer brands that we have recently tried that we would highly recommend as well, and those are the TM Custom, Macsax and Viking Saxophones. Wholesale products are those that are intended to be value-added, meaning they receive some treatment by the final seller that enhances their overall value. There are many brands of saxophones in today’s market. If you have questions specific to a certain model, you may have to do a little research to find out your answer. The preferred places to start looking for a saxophone allow you to actually play the instrument or have someone play it for you. When it gets down to it, it is not the saxophone making the music, it is you! Does the horn play reasonably well in tune in all of the registers? Best Saxophone Brands. Unfortunately, there are very few good deals to be had on Selmers, as most music stores and pawn shops know what a vintage Selmer is and how much it is worth. The earlier models were much like earlier Yamahas, suffering from the same flaws of having soft metal; making them go out of adjustment. If you know you are going to have to pay to get rods replaced, you should figure this into your offer for the sax. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Student horns are usually devoid of decorative engraving and subtle artistic touches. I have been told many, many times that a horn was gold plated when it was actually lacquer.

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